Additional Information Regarding Buckland Hall as an EPB in relation to MBIE guidelines & Auckland Council

Can you occupy an earthquake prone building (EPB)?

If a building is found to be earthquake-prone (EPB), this does not necessarily mean it shouldn’t be occupied. The Building Act provides a period of several years for strengthening or demolition work to be undertaken

Source: MBIE


All EPB Buildings in New Zealand are listed on the Register of Earthquake Prone Buildings



What does that mean for Buckland Hall?

“Buckland Hall has until 12th February 2056 to fix the EPB strengthening retrofit”

EPB Details

You can use an EPB, unless Council has placed specific restrictions on its use. Such restrictions will be clearly notified to the owner and may also be posted on the building. It may also include erecting fixed, or tape barriers. Such restrictions are extreme measures for clearly hazardous conditions

Source: MBIE

What does that mean for Buckland Hall?

The Council has not placed any restrictions on Buckland Hall.”

What does NBS% mean?

A rating given to a building is expressed as a percentage of New Building Standard achieved. This is based on an assessment of the expected seismic performance of an existing building relative to the minimum required under the Building Code to a new building on the same site with respect to life safety.

Source: MBIE

What does that mean for Buckland Hall?

“Buckland Hall is a (0-20% NBS) Low Risk EPB with until 12th February 2056 to address the EPB retrofit.

EPB Buildings NZ

A key issue is that now an EPB Notice has been issued, any substantial alterations undertaken will trigger the requirement to carry out all work BEFORE 12th February 2056.

This means that we need to do all the planning and raise all the significant funds required before any work can be undertaken. In the meantime, Buckland Hall is fully compliant with all legislative requirements for an EPB and there are no reasons why it cannot be open to all members of the public.”

Interestingly there are 27 EPB buildings in Pukekohe, many of them retail stores that are used by the public on a daily basis and the majority have the same timeframe as Buckland Hall to instigate repairs. (source

EPB Pukekohe